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Industry News May 2015

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Polish exports increased

Russia to decrease exports by 70%

Arkema to further increase HFC prices

French Norbert Dentressangle to be sold


Gold sponsor ECSLA Cold Chain Logistics Conference.

Gold sponsor ECSLA Cold Chain Logistics Conference.


The inaugural Global Cold Chain Expo will take place in June 2016 at McCormick Place in Chicago. The event will be a one-stop-shop for all cold chain needs with 25,000 square feet of trade show space featuring hundreds of exhibitors from every sector of the cold chain, including material handling, warehousing, construction, supply chain/logistics solutions and transportation providers. The Expo is organized by the Global Cold Chain Alliance (GCCA) and United Fresh Produce Association (United Fresh).
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Gold sponsor ECSLA Cold Chain Logistics Conference.

Gold sponsor ECSLA Cold Chain Logistics Conference.

Gold sponsor ECSLA Cold Chain Logistics Conference.

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Global Cold Chain to grow 15.75% per year until 2019

Global consultancy Research and Markets recently published the report “Global Cold Chain Markets 2015-2019,” which forecasts a combined annual growth rate of 15.75% and 10.53% in terms of both revenue and volume of the sector by 2019. According to the report, emerging countries like India and China are developing further their own cold chain logistics facilities in order to face new challenges such as the rapid increase of the global population, the growth of the organized retail sector, and the problem of food wastage. 
German dti reports increased consumption of frozen food for 2014
2014 saw the per capita consumption of frozen food in Germany slightly increase to 42.2 kg, up from 41.6 kg in 2013. Dti reports stable numbers for sales of frozen food in retail and an increase in sales of frozen food for restaurants, canteens, hospitals, etc of 4.3% to 1.676 million tonnes. Overall revenue of frozen food increased 3% to an amount of 12,790 billion euros. Dti, the German frozen food institute, in cooperation with KPMG, collects data on the frozen food market annually directly from the companies’ active in the sector. Read more (in German language).
    EU News
Commission to present a Road Transport package in autumn 2016

During a public hearing of the European Parliament’s Transport Committee on 5 May, Mr Fotis Karamitsos, Deputy Director General of DG MOVE of the European Commission,  revealed that a package of legislation on road transport will be presented in autumn 2016. The Commission is currently undertaking an ex-post evaluation of the current EU road transport legislation with the purpose to verify how these rules could be improved. The Commission confirmed that its priorities in this regard are: better enforcement by Member States, improving drivers’ working conditions, eliminate illegal cabotage and increasing competition in the sector.

Parties to the Montreal Protocol debate global phase down of HFCs
At their last meeting, the Open-ended Working Group (OEWG 35) of the parties to the Montreal Protocol met to discuss all issues related to HFC management at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok. Despite some significant progress in the negotiations, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states expressed serious opposition to a global HFC phase-down agreement under the Protocol. Parties agreed, however, to continue inter-sessional work on HFCs with a view to reach more substantial progress ahead of the UN global climate summit in Paris in December. If parallel UN negotiations on climate change are successful, a decision to phase down HFCs under the Montreal Protocol could be theoretically possible by the end of 2016.
Meat products remain at the top of EU Food fraud reports
The latest report from the EU Food Fraud Network confirm that meat products remain the top category of foodstuff which is subject to alert exchanges between Member States. This is followed by fish products and honey, says the 2014 activity report. The causes of these alerts are mostly related to labelling non-compliance (25%), falsified certification (22%) and substitution of high value species with lower ones (17%). The FFN, born in 2013 following the horse meat scandal, is composed by the Food Fraud Contact Points of all Member States as well as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. It acts as a forum for coordination and prioritization of action at EU level.
EU inaugurates the 2015 Universal Exhibition in Milan
The European Union officially launched its programme of activities at the EXPO 2015 which is centred on the theme of global food and nutrition challenges under the heading “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. The EXPO is an opportunity for the EU to showcase its work in different food related areas and help raise awareness of this important global issue.
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Find the best fire prevention solution with Tyco

When considering fire prevention solutions for cold storage there are a number of possible solutions. There are passive, detection, hypoxic air and sprinkler options. Experts at Tyco Fire Protection Products is able to advice your company, on the best options for your application. Please click here for more information or email to tyco-coldstorage@tycoint.com 

    Industry News
Polish poultry meat exports increased by 21% in 2014

Poland’s poultry meat exports increased by 21% in 2014 (709,000 tonnes in total) according to the national Polish agricultural agency. Last year, 90% of Poland’s poultry meat exports were in EU countries. The largest markets for Poland’s poultry meat in the EU were Germany, with 17% of the total volume, the United Kingdom, with an 8% share, the Czech Republic, with  9%, and finally France with 6%.

Russia plans to decrease meat exports by 70% by 2020
The Russian government unveiled an investment plan worth US$11 billion to implement its import substitution program for the agricultural industry in the coming five years. About one third of this sum will be directed to meat producers with the purpose of increasing the country’s production of meat from 8.5 million tonnes in 2014 to 10 million by 2020. The plan also envisages a 68% decrease of meat import over the years in order to protect domestic industry. According to the Russian National Meat Association, these two measures together will enable Russia to produce more than 85% of all types of meat being consumed in the country.
France’s Norbert Dentressangle to be acquired by XPO Logistics
Norbert Dentressangle is set to sell his 67% ownership of the France-based company for 217.50 euros per share. The deal, which is worth $3 billion, will increase XPO’s pro forma revenue to about $8.5 billion, according to market specialists. XPO underlines that this is the beginning of a long-term growth plan for the group as it seeks to further expand its network in continental Europe. XPO Logistics, headquartered in the US state Connecticut has 201 locations and approximately 10,000 employees. It is one of the fastest growing providers of transportation logistics services in North America. The transaction is subject to receipt of antitrust clearances in the United States and Germany.
Frozen Food among the latest Top 10 Food Trends
Frozen Food is among the top ten food categories of the year, according to the latest report of research company Innova Market Insights. Frozen food ranks at number 8, being called “a sleeping category rediscovered”. Consumers are revaluating benefits such as a longer shelf life, convenience and reduction of waste, says the report.
Gold Medal For Supply Chain & Logistics Project
On 22 April Nestlé, Pepsico, STEF and TRI-VIZOR were awarded with the European Gold Medal for Supply Chain and Logistics – Project of the Year for their European project on cross-company cooperation between two competing manufacturers. Nestlé and Pepsico, with the cooperation of STEF and TRI-VIZOR, shared the storage, co-packing and distribution of fresh and chilled food products to their retail customers in both Belgium and Luxembourg. In this way, the partnership created benefits by reducing CO2 emissions as well as operations costs and thus improving the quality of service to the customers. The prize was handed over during an event organised by the European Logistics Association.
Arkema announces 15% price increase on all HFCs
Last month, Arkema Fluorochemicals announced another price increase on all its Forane HFC refrigerants in Europe, which takes effects immediately. This follows a 20% increase imposed by the refrigerant manufacturer last November. Arkema and other manufacturers have been raising the prices of HFC refrigerants since last year as a means to come to terms with the F-gas quota system and the forthcoming HFC phase-down under new F-Gas regulation.
Few differences sets apart the Dutch and the Belgian food market
While there are virtually no disparities legislation-wise between Netherlands and Belgium in terms of food safety, consumer behaviour and packaging size remain the two biggest differences that characterise these two markets. This is the opinion of Katrien De Nul, Product Manager at VLAM, a non-profit organization promoting the image of Flemish products and services in Belgium and abroad. According to Ms. de Nul, in Belgium the packaging for frozen food is larger than in the Netherlands, while Dutch consumers differentiate from the Belgian by the higher number of shopping trips per week.  
Winners of the Seafood Prix D'Elite 2015 revealed
The Seafood Prix d'Elite, one of the main event at the Seafood Expo Global, is a new products competition which awards the best seafood products of the year developed for the European market. Last month, the judges of the competition decided the winners of the 2015 edition. Melton Constable’s Big Prawn Company (United Kingdom) was awarded the Seafood Prix d’Elite special award for Convenience for its product Seafood Rarebit. The top award for best new retail product was given to Salmon Brands (Norway) for its entry, Salmaraw. The winners of the 2015 Seafood Prix d’Elite were chosen from a field of 37 finalists representing 11 countries.
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