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The European Cold Storage and Logistics Association (ECSLA) is the voice of the European cold storage industry

The focus of the organization is on assisting warehouse and logistics operators with improving their performance and at the same time helping members to reduce operational costs. ECSLA represents directly and indirectly the interests of thousands of cold stores with a total capacity of more than 60 million m3 cold storage.
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60% of food products need to be kept cold.

Chilled, frozen or in ambient temperatures, ECSLA members look after all temperature sensitive products and make sure they’re always kept at the optimal temperature in their warehouses and vehicles and retain their full flavour

The Montreal Protocol is one of the world’s most successful environmental treaties. The parties to the Protocol have so far phased out 98% of their ozone-depleting substances, saving an estimated 2 million people from skin cancer every year. Read more on what this protocol is doing to protect our precious ozone.

Each year one third of global food production is lost or wasted

The Cold Chain

The cold chain refers to the various stages that a refrigated product passes though on its journey from farm to fork

From the moment a fruit or vegetable is harvested or an animal is slaughtered, it needs to be kept at the appropriate temperature in order to avoid that it spoils. The deterioration of a product can be slowed by reducing the temperature at which it is stored. In fruits and vegetables, this slows down metabolic proccesses, which, in turn, slows spoilage.

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ECSLA represents the most important cold logistics topics
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ECSLA part of new Cold Chain Network

In a display of shared aims, ten prominent European and international associations, including the European Cold Storage and Logistics Association (ECSLA), have forged a powerful network to elevate the voice of the European cold chain industry.
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Maintaining a consistent optimal temperature trough the food supply chain extend shelf life, enhanced food safety and prevents food waste


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% of foods are chilled or frozen when produced


% of foods are retailed using refrigerated display


ECSLA offers different types of membership categories:

  • National Assosiacions
  • Direct Corporate Members
  • Associated Members