ECSLA become partner in new project “REEValue”


ECSLA become partner in new project “REEValue”

We are honoured to share with you that ECSLA is one of nine partners in a new project funded by the EU´s LIFE programme.

The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in the Value Chain or REEValue in short is an EU funded project with a duration of 36 months. The project website can be consulted here:

REEValue in short:

In essence, this project will help businesses identify relevant funding opportunities and provide energy recommendations while also supporting businesses through workshops and one-to-one advisory services.

The overall aim is to simplify the process for businesses to match their energy efficiency and renewable energy investment projects as well as value chain collaboration initiatives to available funding.

In this way the REEValue project can help business to realise energy savings, future-proof their operations, and help businesses to  meet a growing customer expectation for more climate-aware business models and cooperation along the whole value chain.

Although funded from a different source, this new REEValue project builds very heavily on previous EU funded projects, in particular the now concluded ICCEE project as well as other EU projects. In the framework of REEValue, some concrete actions will be:

  • collect all the latest technical information Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Sources and value-chain collaboration model information
  • match this data to financial support mechanisms and funding
  • create an online tool, essentially an online portal, populated with data from energy audits as well as previous EU funded projects
  • offer support to businesses by matching their investment plans to available financing measures for Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Sources and value-chain collaboration projects