REEValue Project

REEValue is a LIFE-funded European project focusing on the food, beverage and transport value chains. Our aim is to advise businesses to become more energy efficient and invest in renewable energy sources.

REEValue Consortium

The REEValue European Consortium gathers expertise from the following nine organisations based across Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Malta and Portugal:
National Agencies (EWA and CRES), Technical Entities (AEMS and UNIBS), Business Representatives (AIP, Cork Chamber, ECSLA and MBB) and a
Best-Practice Case Study (Sammontana).

How REEValue can help your business sustainability energy journey


One-stop Energy Help Desk

REEValue can connect your company with existing financial instruments and provide targeted energy recommendations. For further information and assistance, contact Christine Weiker at


Best practice, Value Chain and Financing workshops

Yearly workshops will be organised in each REEValue country for participating businesses. Find out the latest updates on our social media: X @REEValue_EU or LinkedIn REEValue


One to One Business Meetings

Interested businesses can avail of our B2B advisory services. We will advise on your business’s opportunities and promote project actions related to EE or RES.


2025 International Conference in Cork (Ireland)

Our conference will aim to share existing technical best practices in value-chain energy collaborations and financing opportunities as well as to allow participating businesses a space for networking.

Meet the Team

Our REEValue team based in ECSLA can advise on your business’ energy journey through our Energy Help Desk and connect you with existing financial instruments for energy efficiency and renewable energy investments.