More than 80% of relevant food legislation are developed in Brussels.

EU regulations adopted by the EU institutions are directly aplicable in all EU member states – no further national legislation will be necessary. It is therefore of great importance that the EU cold storage sector in present and represented in Brussels with ECSLA. Through this presence it is possible to effectively and right in-time monitor relevant legislative developments and if necessary take immediate action. ECSLA members offer practical and targeted knowledge to the EU institutions. It does so as a member of several Commission Expert Groups and ad-hoc.


To represent the common interests of its members at EU institutions; in particular the European Commission, the Council and the European Parliament.

Information and Monitoring

To give information on legislative and technical developments regarding the cold storage and logistics industry to the ECSLA members.


To be a platform for discussion for the European cold storage and logistics sector.


To assist warehouse and logistics operators with improving their performance and at the same time help members to reduce operational costs.

Advocacy and Lobbying

To ensure the promotion and the defense of the cold storage and logistics industry in Europe.